Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Getting my sewjo back

Today I have been getting back into the sewing. Yeah yeah I know, about time!

I whipped up a cute little pinny but now can't decide how to finish it off. I had thought about adding a ruffle out of the same fabric but then I though of lace. Now I can't decide if I like the lace or not.

Oh I hate myself when I get indecisive LOL

(sorry for the dodgy pic)

This is the dress. What do you think? To lace or not to lace......

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday market score!

For the past 5 days I have been feeling well.... shit! I woke Wednesday morning with tonsillitis then Thursday morning with FIVE cold sores and Friday morning with conjunctivitis :(
So after been cooped up in the house feeling miserable for days husbeast decided it would do me good to get out and about for a little bit. And he was right (don't tell him I said that ! ), a trip to the local Sunday market was just what I needed.

The market that is held at our local showgrounds ever Sunday is a mix of used,old and new items. Its kind of like a massive op shop and its heaven on earth!

First stop was the shed with the chicken man, I needed more chicken feed and I wanted to see if I could get Ruby a new friend ( Nelly ended up being a Neil, so he went to live with the lady down the road last week) but he only had tiny little chickens, which by the way were so hard to resist, lucky hubby was with me!

Then we walked around the other sheds looking at all the stalls for a good few hours. I scored some gorgeous s/hand baby clothes for Miss L and hubby brought himself a new ultra warm jacket. But my score of the day was just before we left. I spyed some mosaic tea light lamps sitting at someone stall. I wondered over thinking they would probably have some ridiculous price on them but to my surprise they were only EIGHT DOLLARS!!
I have wanted some of these lamps for ages!!

 I can't wait till it gets dark so I can sit them on the table and light them up. They are going to look gorgeous!!

Oh shoot, I just remembered I told husbeast he had to buy me some flowers on the way out and I totally forgot!! Oh well always next weekend ;)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Right Now

Right now I am...

Feeling Sore from going to punch in bunches yesterday
Thinking I must get a new ironing board cover tomorrow so I can finish my sewing!
Hearing Miss L chatting. Saying Dad Dad Dad, Gah Gah Gah No fair, where is the mum mum mum!
Loving My gym time
Wondering if subway make all there subs in wraps because Husbeast wants it for dinner
Appreciating My awesome wood fire cos brrr its getting cold outside!
Smelling Myself, I just got home from gym (probably should get changed lol)
Drinking Water
Laughing About the old guy who told me I was looking good. So cute!
Knowing I must get this sewing done so I can start my business back up!!
Wanting My next tattoo for my 20 kilo weight loss reward!
Believing In myself (finally, huge step for me)
Wearing Black gym pants, pink gym top and a black shirt over that. (really should get changed)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Master R turns 3!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to my beautiful little man! You make our days so much brighter with your cheeky ways and your sense of humor! We love you more then words can say xoxoxo

 Starting the day with a balloon surprise!

I can't believe Master R is THREE!! Where has the time gone. I still remember the moment the doctors handed him up to me like it was yesterday. My first words were "Wow check out those thighs" HEHE I expected him to be a little chubby but at 10lb 4oz he was my biggest bubba and oh so chubby and cute!! (still is)

I mean really, check out those thighs!

Just a few hours old in his first cloth nappy

So what cake does a three year old boy ask for....HOOT of course!
After searching high and low all over Bendigo for a rice paper Hoot image (because of course I didn't think to look online for one before it was to late) and being unsuccessful I went back to negotiate with Master R. I asked if he would be like a Thomas cake, an elmo cake, a bob the builder cake, a Chuggintion cake.... NOPE NOPE NOPE and NOPE.  It HAD to be a Hoot cake....Bugger!

I had no choice but to make a cake in the shape of Hoot and  I had the biggest hoot fan there was judging me, oh the pressure!!

After many hours of stressful baking and icing this was the result

 Unfortunately I didn't leave enough room for his toes and the butter cream icing went yellow instead of white.
 He doesn't like when people sing happy birthday (he usually cover his ears lol)

Master R couldn't of been happier. He couldn't stop climbing up on the chair to admire him!! Which mind you gave me a heart attack each time he did because all I could see was him knocking it down and it smashing all over the floor!

His present was a hit too :) socceroo in the making I think!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Finished Tattoo

Long time no post!! Whoops that is slack of me!
Every time I go to sit down and write a blog post lately something distracts me and then it never gets done.
Not that anything to interesting has been happening in my life, really just the same old same old.

One thing that did happen that is  worth blogging about, I got my tattoo finished! I love the final result. It looks beautiful!

 (The colours are slightly brighter than it shows in this pic)

I'm now 600 grams off my next 10 kilo (so total of 20 kilos) goal!

Oh and in other weight loss news, I'm doing Round 2 of 2010 Michelle Bridges 12WTB program. It kicks off on Monday. I'm a little nervous about the menu plan, I can be pretty fussy when it comes to food LOL The exercise side of it I have no worries about, over the past 16 weeks I have become a bit of a workout junkie. I love getting into the gym and smashing away my frustrations of the day.
Speaking of which, when I started my diet lifestyle change back in January I couldn't jog to save my life. Today I jogged 2 km on the treadmill!! Beating my previous best effort of 1.25 km :) So proud of myself!!

Time to make a birthday cake and resist eating the off cuts!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finally got it!

My 10 kilo weight loss reward that is.....

Blah excuse my horrible skin, its not liking the oiliness of the constant application of Bepanthen cream.

Not quite finished, still have the shading in the stem of the feathers to do and the round part of the top of the feathers is to be coloured in.

This wasn't what I had planned on getting. I actually had a swirly outline peacock design all ready to go but cam across a peacock design that I fell in love with and got permission of the designer to use so decided I didn't want two peacock tattoos.
When I saw this design I fell in love. Its perfect! It represents me finally starting to see myself as the beautiful person I am :)

I'm booked in on the 15th go get it finished, hopefully by then I will of reached my 20 kilo goal (I'm sitting on 17 kilos lost) so I can book in for my next tattoo reward :) :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weekend snapshots

Our weekend in photos.

 Cool days, perfect for gorgeous knitteds
(Longies are by Little Brown Owl )

 Cubby house dismantled and moved 
ready to fix up into a chicken coop

BBQs and Campfires in the backyard with good friends
Just one of the many reasons I love living out of town!